14:41, 09 April 2024

Tubes defrosted. Russian market for flat rolled and welded tubes: 27 March - 3 April

In early April, the Russian steel market saw a surge in pipe products, particularly in the southern regions where the weather was favourable. This increase in demand has allowed distribution companies to gradually raise prices for these products. Additionally, at least one major producer has announced a price increase for hot-rolled coils in May. It is expected that sheet prices will also rise next month, ending a long period of stability.

The resurgence of the pipe sector is affecting the sheet market to some extent. If more coils are utilized for pipe production, the supply of these products to steel service centres for cutting will decrease. Additionally, the cost of coil and flat products on the primary market is becoming more similar. Metallurgical companies report a healthy supply of orders, and their production volume is limited only by repairs.

There are no changes in the higher value-added sheet product sectors. Price increases persist. Producers have raised quotations for April compared to March, but metal traders have not encountered any issues with spot increases. Apparent demand for cold-rolled steel is stable, while demand for galvanised steel is gradually increasing. It is highly probable that prices for these categories of steel products will continue to rise in May.