10:57, 25 December 2023

NLMK Group high-tech projects receive awards at Metal-Expo 2023

NLMK Group received award medals at the 29th Metal Expo International Industrial Exhibition for its research and development project on steel rolling for flexible pump and compressor pipes, and for its video analytics service to monitor emissions of controlled substances.

NLMK Group R&D Centre received a gold medal for the newly developed process of Grade A606 coil manufacturing. This grade of steel offers both high strength and high ductility as well as high corrosion resistance. Such metal is in demand by manufacturers of electric-welded flexible pipes for pumps and compressors used in the oil and gas sector: for well drilling and completion, well maintenance, pump and compressor cleaning, and other operations.

Video analytics for monitoring controlled substance emissions, a digital service, received a silver medal at the Expo. The service leverages machine-learning algorithms and relies on feeds from 70 cameras deployed at NLMK Lipetsk and in the city in order to enable online monitoring of atmospheric emissions. The service helps detect emission deviations at specific sources in real-time mode, and issues alerts to production shops and the on-site environmental service. The solution reduces deviation adjustment time.