14:32, 10 July 2023

TMK Steel Technologies Has Released a New Type of Steel Filling Buckets

TMK Steel Technologies, a Metal-Expo regular exhibitor, has mastered the production of a new type of steel filling buckets with a capacity of 12 tons. The product with a height of over 2 m, a diameter of 1.8 m and a weight of 4.3 tons is used in metallurgical production. This was reported by TMK.

The bucket is made of structural low-alloy steel with lining of internal surfaces. It can withstand temperatures up to 900 degrees Celsius.

Denis Makienko, TMK's Director of Machine-building Business Development, stressed that during the production of the bucket, the company developed and manufactured a gripping bracket at its facilities, which is designed for lifting and moving cargo. This made it possible to reduce the cost and production time of products.

TMK Steel Technologies is an enterprise for the production of stamped—welded parts of pipelines and equipment for various industries. It is part of the main engineering division of TMK ETERNO.

TMK is a supplier of steel pipes, pipe solutions and related services for various sectors of the economy. TMK produces threaded pipes, including special pipes and pipeline systems, and other products for the energy, chemical industry, mechanical engineering, construction and other industries. TMK provides a wide range of services for the selection of pipe products, including the development of the latest samples, as well as its maintenance, warehousing and repair. The company is improving its scientific and technical competencies and developing advanced solutions on the basis of the Scientific and Technical Center (STC) in Moscow and the Russian Research Institute of the Pipe Industry (RusNITI) in Chelyabinsk.