11:35, 01 June 2023

Representatives of the foundry industry will discuss the present state of the sector on June 7

As part of the complex of industrial exhibitions Metallurgy.Russia'2023, Litmash.Russia'2023, a conference on The Role of Public Organizations in the Development of Foundry Production in Russia will be held on June 7. The organizers of the conference are the Foundry and Forging Production Subcommittee and the League of Assistance to Defense Enterprises.

At the conference, topics will include the present condition and development strategy of foundry production in the Russian Federation, the development of equipment and technologies for domestic foundry and metallurgical industries, and other topics.

In the list of conference speakers: Foundry and Forging Production Subcommittee, League of Assistance to Defense Enterprises, The National University of Science and Technology MISIS, NPP Vulkan-TM

At the end of the business part of the event, the winners and prize-winners of the Russian Student Olympiad in Foundry Production will be awarded.

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