13:37, 26 January 2023

Chinese Companies are Coming Back to Russia

China lifted quarantine requirements, ending almost three years of self-imposed isolation. During this period, foreigners were practically not allowed into China, and the Chinese people themselves did not have the opportunity to leave the country, including business trips abroad.  

The situation is returning to pre-Covid times now. This stimulated a sharp surge in Sino-Russian business activity, an intensification of cooperation between the two countries are expected with renewed energy in the near future. Representatives of Russian companies can visit China again for the purchase of equipment and services, personal visits to Chinese industrial enterprises and also take part in business forums and meetings.

Chinese businesses are returning to Russia, most companies return to business as usual after remote work during the pandemic. Three yeas on, the new course starts on a high note, with Chinese companies’ renewed participation at the International Industrial Exhibitions in Russia.

Over 30 exhibitors from China are expected to showcase at Metallurgy.Russia'2023, Litmash.Russia'2023, Tube.Russia'2023 and SteelStructures'2023, an exhibition for steel structures manufacturers and and-users will be held in Moscow on 06-08 June. More than 200 steel companies will exhibit their latest solutions which aroused industry professionals' genuine interest. 

Over 100 exhibitors from China are expected to showcase at Metal-Expo'2023, the 29th International Industrial Exhibition (November 7-10, Expocentre, Moscow, Russia). In previous editions of "Metal-Expo" Chinese companies surprised visitors with their new products and a spectacular stands in which anyone could gather all the info on their wide catalogue of products.

Chinese companies strive to offer its potential Russian customers Chinese products, equpments and solutions are as good as Western ones. 

Welcome to attend Metallurgy.Russia'2023, Litmash.Russia'2023, Tube.Russia'2023 and SteelStructures'2023, a scope of international industrial exhibitions, June 6-8!