12:34, 27 June 2022

New Vectors of Industry Development were Discussed at Industrial Exhibitions in Moscow

A scope of industrial exhibitions Metallurgy.Russia'2022, Litmash.Russia'2022, Tube.Russia'2022 and SteelStructures'2022, an exhibition for steel structures manufacturers and and-usres was held in Moscow on 21-23 June. More than 200 steel companies exhibited their latest solutions which aroused industry professionals' genuine interest. Some 7k industry professionals visited the events to meet face to face in such a volatile market and discuss key aspects of the steel business and metal construction.

The market revived after lowering the refinancing rate and soft loans announcing allowing its participants come back to discussing investments, supply contracts and programs of demand propping-up.

An excess demand for modern equipment and latest foundry and steel processing solutions is registered in Russia now. A wide range of steel industry and foundry equipment as well as  modern solutions to heavy engineering, ferrous and non-ferrous industries and tubes production was exhibited in Hall 7, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow.  The exposition of Russian foundry companies provided visitors comprehensive information on technological innovations and latest trends in the steel industry and foundry helping them strengthen business relations with existing partners and find new ones.

The  industrial exhibitions can boast a hard-driving conference program. Thus, The Export Council of the Steel Industry and Engineering Committee by Russian Engineering Union held a meeting on issues of import substitution in the foundry and press-forging industries under current conditions, foundry men discussed possibilities of use of Russian innovative equipment and a wide range of issues of import substitution in foundry and press-forging on their jubilee congress, a meeting of market professionals of steel producing and trading companies was held during the exhibitions as part of the 25th Jubilee Congress of the Russian Union of Metal and Steel Suppliers etc.

According to A. Saveliev, Head of Department for Ferrous Industry, Tubes and Steel  Structures by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Russian Government now pays much attention to construction as a major end-user of steel products accounting for 70% of the market. The construction complex is considered as one the main drivers of the national economy for the next few years.  Thus, financing of reconstruction of housing and utility infrastructure will increase which in its turn, may cause increase in demand for steel products by 3-3.5Mt in 2023-2024.

The Ministry of Construction and Housing and Utility Infrastructure of the Russian Federation prepared a road map presupposing considerable expanding of fields of use of steel in construction and improving technical regulation of setting up and fire protection of steel structures in 2022—2026. The main drivers are infrastructure objects including roads, ports, railroads, industrial and agriculture objects, houses etc. Experts forecast that due to this the demand for steel structures in Russia will grow 10—20% every year.           

The exhibitors showed their best solutions to the construction industry. Thus, MetallStroyEngineering, a steel structures manufacturer plans on commissioning new facilities in Mikhailovsk, the Sverdlovsk region to increase monthly output by 1k t. Steel Service Center Kostroma commissioned a wire-drawing facilities; Kostroma plans to launch manufacture of 1.2-5mm wires from wire rods including tie wire, a rare products in the Russian market already in July. The monthly production capacity will reach 0.5—1k t depending on the wire diameter. The main Kostroma's customers are traders dealing with orders batching. Stalintex Trade commissions a new hot-dip galvanizing line on the facilities located in the Moscow region. OEMZ focuses on developing rolled products galvanizing including rounds, flats, channels, strips, angles, tubes etc. DiPOS presented stacking equipment and welded grid decking for warehouses and industrial construction.

New types of products for construction were presented by NLMK, MMK, Severstal-Metiz,  MMK-METIZ, Rechickij Metiznyj Zavod, Parallel (a high-quality fasteners manufacturer), Ashinskiy Metallurgical Works, Novostal-M, Korolevsky Pipe Works, Metallinvest, Konus, Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant, A GRUPP Steel Structures, Istra Steel Structures Plant, Mayak Steel Structures Plant, Kazan Steel Profiles, ARS-Prom, Profile Group, Steel Structures Proflist and many more leading metal construction companies.

The issues of cooperation developing among the market participants was discussed at many events organized in parallel to SteelStructures'2022, among them High-Quality Fasteners: Durable Machines and Steel Structures an all-Russia conference (some 80 industry professionals and expert attended the event), meetings and round tables for manufacturers of galvanized and pre-painted products organized by the Russian Union of Metal and Steel Suppliers and attended by more than 50 companies, Modern Equipment and Solutions to Steel Structures Corrosion Protection conference etc. Software for Steel Structures Design under New Market Conditions, a conference organized by Steel Construction Development Association, Steel Structures: New Trends in 2023, the 7th All-Russia Conference, a round table on modern steel bridge building etc brought together industry professionals from all over Russia. The delegates agreed on the need in strengthening cooperation among steel products manufacturers and end-users.

At the end the Exhibitions Organizing Committee awarded winners of Strength of Metal contest for the best solutions to use of steel and aluminium in construction and winners in nomination for the best exposition.

The exhibitions as a communication platform provided all the industry professionals a good opportunity to share new ideas, meet face to face and discuss the most pressing problems of the industry. 

Welcome to Metallurgy.Russia'2023, Litmash.Russia'2023, Tube and SteelStructures'2023 June 6-8, 2023!