12:33, 18 May 2022

Organizing Committee of SteelStructures'2022 and Metallurgy.Litmash, Tube.Russia'2022 Met in Moscow

A meeting of the Organizing Committee of SteelStructures'2022 and Metallurgy.Litmash, Tube.Russia'2022 International Industrial Exhibitions (June 21-23, Expocentre, Moscow)  was held yesterday on May 17 in Moscow. A. Romanov, Chairman of the Committee presented a general concept of the events and spoke in details on the congress program to be held in parallel to the exhibitions. 

Members of the Committee, among them I. Vedyakov, TSNIIPSK, A. Danilov, SCDA, B. Sivak, METALLURGMASH, Yu. Podkopaev, ICWA, E. Ponurova, TSNIIPSK, S. Maslennikov, RUMSS, V. Kamelin, Prommetiz, A. Petrov, Soyuzmash, N. Kondakov,  Russian Engineering Union, N. Kondakov, REC, V. Polkin, Zinc Development Association, K. Kosyrev, TSNIITMASH, A. Aleksandrov, Titanium Association, and Yu, Raikov, Tsvetmetobrabotka shared their opinions on the general events concept during the panel discussion. 

The exhibitions as perfect business platforms provide all the steel market participants a good opportunity to find solutions to the most pressing problems of the steel and foundry industries. Welcome to SteelStructures'2022 and Metallurgy.Litmash, Tube.Russia'2022!