Growth phase for foundry and steel construction

From 4 to 6 June 2024, Moscow hosted a complex of specialised exhibitions Metallurgy.Russia‘2024, Litmash.Russia’2024, Wire‘2024, as well as a forum for manufacturers of metal structures, products and their consumers, Steel Structures’2024. The exposition area has grown 2 times in comparison with 2023, the number of exhibitors has increased from 300 to 550 companies. Over the three days of the exhibition was visited by over 9 thousand managers and specialists of the foundry industry, metal construction plants, equipment manufacturers, metallurgy and related industries - the attendance of stands and events has increased significantly this year.

The three-day exhibition saw a high level of business activity. The current modernisation and technical re-equipment of the foundry industry, coupled with the clear growth in production and consumption of steel structures, is driving this growth. A comprehensive range of equipment was showcased, including the creation of entire turnkey industrial complexes. A diverse range of exhibitors were present, including manufacturers of pipes, cables, refractories, castings, tools, auxiliary materials and more.

A significant number of equipment suppliers were represented by companies from China, Turkey, South Korea and other Asian countries, which were showcasing their products in Russia. A number of Russian companies also presented equipment, solutions and products. Among the exhibitors were New Foundry Technologies, Politeg, TMK, RusLitTech, Litmashpribor, RLM, Meliteg, AKS Plant, EuroTechLit, Intema, TradeLit Engineering, NPP Technologiya, Uralchimplast, i3D, Alliance Prom, Karbohim, and others. Visitors to the exhibitions had the opportunity to gain insight into the latest developments in the foundry industry, strengthen existing partnerships and establish new ones, monitor market conditions and prices.

High business activity accompanied all three days of the exhibitions. This is due to the fact that the foundry industry is currently being actively modernised and technically re-equipped, and the steel structures market is demonstrating a clear growth in production and consumption. For these segments of the steel business, a wide range of equipment was presented, up to the creation of entire turnkey industrial complexes. Among the exhibitors were many manufacturers of pipes, cables, refractories, castings, all sorts of tools, auxiliary materials and more.
The international exhibitions Metallurgy.Russia'2024 and Litmash.Russia'2024 received support from a number of key industry organisations, including the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, the Metallurgmash International Union, the Russian Engineering Union, the Russian Union of Metal Products Suppliers, the Russian Foundry Association and Expocentre. Visitors to the exhibitions, representing key industry sectors including metallurgy, metalworking, machine building, energy, oil and gas, and construction, received comprehensive information on technological innovations and trends covering the entire range of metals, foundry technologies, accessories and castings.

The Steel Structures’2024 exhibition brought together a diverse range of manufacturers and consumers of steel structures, designers, constructors and developers. The country's leading steel mills (Severstal, EVRAZ, Magnitogorsk and Novolipetsk steel mills) have expanded their collaboration with consumers of products designed for the construction industry. New solutions were also presented by A GROUP Steel Constructions, Tula Metalworking Company, SE Steel Constructions - Proflist, Kazan Steel Profiles, SE Konus, Zinker, GC Profile, ARS-Prom, ZMK Etalon, GC Tochinvest Zinc, Rechitsa Metalware Plant, Parallel, BERVEL, Romanov Design Bureau, Dedenevsky Metalware Plant, Sosnovoborsky Metal Structures Plant, Novostal-M, Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant and other leading companies from the metal construction sector. Over the course of three days, representatives of the metal construction market engaged in hundreds of meetings and negotiations, participated actively in the conference block of exhibitions, signed new contracts with promising prospects, and gained a deeper understanding of the needs of their end users.

It is always necessary to be aware of new developments. This platform enables us to engage in constructive dialogue with our business colleagues, gain insights into new competitor projects and customer needs, and subsequently develop offers, products and services that meet these needs. "This is an excellent platform for gathering the information you need for your business," commented E. Legostaev, a representative of Severstal-metiz.

The steel structures market is currently experiencing significant growth in two main areas: road and port infrastructure projects and agricultural infrastructure. The construction of steel-framed housing and social projects, including medical, educational and sports centres, is also increasing. The construction of steel structures offers time and investment savings. There is a high demand for road barriers, lighting masts and products designed for agricultural facilities and machinery. Construction of hot-dip galvanising lines for steel structures is underway. The demand for metal structures with corrosion protection is generated by road and industrial construction, power engineering, Russian Railways, the country's largest transport corporation, and the oil and gas sector. For instance, D. Petrov, Commercial Director of Tochinvest-Zinc, discussed the expansion of production capacity by 25% through the commissioning of new galvanising baths and the acquisition of another plant.
The fastener market is experiencing a 7-9% annual growth rate. Russian manufacturers have the opportunity to develop and modernise production, which is what we are doing. In recent years, MMK-METIZ has successfully renewed the production of large fasteners. This year, we will put into operation a complex of equipment for the production of small and galvanic fasteners. We have recently commissioned a new complex for the production of welding wire and doubled the production of wire on cassettes. MMK-METIZ representative K Kuranov stated, "We have a lot to show at the exhibition, including a new type of product – barrel-wound welding wire, which we mastered in 2024."
The exhibition Seel Structures'2024 included the All-Russian Conference "Quality Fasteners - Reliability of Machines and Metal Structures", a round table of manufacturers of galvanised and painted rolled products, the conference "Modern Equipment and Technologies of Corrosion Protection for Metal Structures", the All-Russian Conference "Steel Structures: Main Trends in 2024", conferences on e-commerce and marketplaces in the metals market, on equipment and technologies for processing coated steel, a round table on modern technologies of steel processing, and a round table on modern steel structures. Managers and specialists from leading companies in the steel structures sector discussed issues of import substitution and production of new types of products, standards and technologies, equipment and materials.
Leading industry research institutes and associations, including the Russian Ministry of Construction, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Association for the Development of Steel Construction, the Russian Union of Metal Products Suppliers, the V.A. Kucherenko Central Research Institute of Steel Construction, the Melnikov Central Research Institute of Steel Construction, the Zinc Development Centre, and the Prommetiz Association, have partnered with the business events. The coordinated actions of all stakeholders in stimulating the consumption of metal products in the construction industry ensure the effectiveness of this forum of metal builders.

The communication platform of the exhibitions provided the professional community with an opportunity to exchange statistical data and ideas, share experience and best practices, exchange opinions on a wide range of topical issues and topics related to foundry, metallurgical, metal processing and metal construction technologies.

We would like to extend an invitation to you to participate in the international industry exhibitions Metallurgy.Russia'2025, Litmash.Russia'2025, Wire'2025,  Steel Structures'2025".