03 June 2025 Tuesday

Time Event Venue Organizers
SteelStructures’2025, Metallurgy’2025, Litmash’2025, Tube’2025 and Wire’2025 opening hrs
Halls 3, 4,7
тел.: (495) 734-99-66
Modern Equipment and Solutions to Steel Structures Corrosion Protection, International Conference
Open Conference Space
Hall 3
Zinc Development Center 
тел.: (495) 772-07-39
High-Quality Fasteners: Durability of Machines and Steel Structures, conference
Seminar room 3, hall 2
Prommetiz Association / MS&S 
тел: (495) 734-99-22
Steel construction from standartization to installation issues.
Open Conference Space
Hall 7
тел.: (495) 744-02-63
/ Masterclasses on Zincing Solutions
Open space before hall 7
тел.: 8(800) 222-94-62
Roundtable of Galvanized and Coated Rolled Products Producers (sandwich panels, sheet metal, metal roofing and other profiles)
Open Conference Space
Hall 3
тел.: (495) 925-05-49