Polimet LLC

P.O. Box 861, Togliatti 445024, Russia
+7 (8482) 42-94-57, 79-78-38
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- Consulting engineering services of technology, material and equipment;
- Own production of technological lubricants (Stavrol), antiburning-on coatings (Stavrolan), binder system (Stavroform/Stavrokat), washing liquids;
- Own production of binders for 3D printer;
- Design and production of equipment for obtaining laboratory dog-bone shape specimen, tensile strength attachment, core box;
- Design of production department of foundries including choice necessary equipment;
- Design and production of tooling-up for following type of castings: sand castings, die castings, investment castings, Lost Foam;
- Provision consultation and services by use and installation of refractory materials used in induction furnaces, ladle, heater and other foundries equipment.
The distribution and representative of leading foreign companies, which production necessary consumables and equipment for foundries.