Exhibitor List 2024

aCompany Name Stand
Additive Technologies, Journal 7-5D09
AKS Plant 7-3A31
bCompany Name Stand
BMP Technology 7-3B07
Buhler, Representative Office in Moscow 7-3C26
Building Expert, Publishing House Каталог
Bulletin of Industry, Publishing House 7-5D09
Business of Russia 7-5D09
Business Russia, Magazine 7-5D09
BVK 7-5B09
cCompany Name Stand
Camelot Publishiung 7-4D25
Corrosion on the Territory of Neftegaz 7-4D25
dCompany Name Stand
DEPO 7-5D09
eCompany Name Stand
Electric Engineering Market, Journal 7-5D09
Equipment. Engineering Developments. Technology 7-5D09
Everything for Construction 7-5D09
fCompany Name Stand
Fibrous Refractories 7-3A07
gCompany Name Stand
Gas Industry 7-4D25
iCompany Name Stand
Indemak Induction Casting Machines & Construction Industry Trade 7-5D06
Industrial and Civil Engineering Jornal 7-5D09
Industrial Bulletin 7-5D09
Industrial Coatings, Magazine 7-5D09
Industrial Pages, Magazine 7-5D09
Industrial Regions of Russia, Journal 7-5D09
Industrial Solutions 7-4A06
Industrial Technologies 7-3C17
Industrial Weekly 7-5D09
Intelligent manufacturing, Journal 7-5D09
Intema Group 7-3B18
Iron & Steel Industry Bulletin 7-5D09
Izomat 7-4A02
kCompany Name Stand
Kabel.RF Каталог
Kleyton - LEDTIME® 7-3A23
Krasny Vyborzhets, Zavod 7-3A34
lCompany Name Stand
Lipetsk TekhnoLit 7-3C30
Liteinoye Proizvodstvo 7-5D09
Litmashpribor 7-3C30
mCompany Name Stand
Maidakovsky Plant 7-3C11
Maritime News of Russia 7-5D09
Mcena.ru Каталог
Mechanical Plant 7-3A37
Melytec 7-3C20
Metal Supply & Sales 7-4A07
Metal-Expo 7-5D21
MetallTrade Magazine 7-5D09
Metallurg Magazine 7-5D09
Metallurgy of Heavy Industry 7-5D09
MetalRussia 7-5D09
Metmash 7-3A27
Modern Foundry Technologies 7-3B10
Modern Machine-Building Company 7-3C25
Modtech 7-3C25
Most Modern Building Energy-Saving Solutions 7-3C30
nCompany Name Stand
Nakal-Industrial Furnaces 7-4A02
New Stroitelnaya Gazeta 7-5D09
oCompany Name Stand
pCompany Name Stand
Panorama, Publishing House 7-5D09
Polimet LLC 7-3C05
Primalit 7-3C28
Profoundry Каталог
Prom.Market 7-5D09
ProModel 7-3C07
rCompany Name Stand
Research and Development Institute for Technical Physics and Automation 7-4C15
RHYTHM of Machinery 7-5D09
RLM Group 7-3B17
Robotech 7-5B07
Rodonit 7-3C43
RusLitTeh 7-3A04
Russian Foundrymen Association 7-3A21
Russian Union of Metal and Steel Suppliers 7-5B08
sCompany Name Stand
Smart-Partner Industry 7-5D09
Special technologies 7-5A05
Spectral Laboratory 7-3A02
Spectrosoft 7-5A01
Spektrchimikat 7-3C15
Srednevolzhskaya Chemical Company 7-3C21
Stankoinstrument 7-5D09
Steel.Life 7-4D21
Supplier's Directory Каталог
tCompany Name Stand
Taganrog Foundry 7-3B08
Technikon 7-4A10
Technolux 7-3A08
Tehsovet Premium 7-5D09
Tekhnocentrpribor, NPP 7-4C19
Territory Neftegaz 7-4D25
Thermal-Spray-Tec 7-4C05
TMK 7-3B11
Tochka Opory, Magazine 7-5D09
Top 3D Group 7-5B07
Trade-Lit Engineering 7-3A23
Troika 7-5B06
TSR LLC, magazine 7-5D09
TVEL 7-3A16
TVT Termoventiltecnica 7-4C20
uCompany Name Stand
UniversalService 7-4C17
Uralchimplast - Huettenes-Albertus 7-3B03
vCompany Name Stand
Vestnik Promyshlennosty, Newspaper 7-5D09
Vorsmensky Knife 7-4D27
wCompany Name Stand
Wheel Blast Tehnology 7-3C03
zCompany Name Stand
Z-axis 7-5A03
3Company Name Stand
3D-Integration 7-4C07