Modern Foundry Technologies LLC

1, 1, Timiryazevskaya ul., Moscow 127422, Russia
+7 (495) 846-83-36
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Engineering company SLT LLC develops and implements projects for foundries and metallurgical, metalworking shops / plants "on order", up to the delivery of a success batch of products.
SLT carries out complex deliveries of equipment and its commissioning. We automate and develop all technological processes, including metallurgical ones. We also specialized at engineering and manufacture of rigging.
Works with a full range of foundry, metallurgical equipment, including:
- Melting and thermal;
- Mixing and molding;
- Rod;
- Pouring;
- Trimming and cleaning;
- Sprues and scrap shredders;
- Dust cleaning systems;
- Laboratory.
To ensure the full production cycle, SLT supplies high-tech metalworking equipment: selects machines for customer tasks, creates control programs for CNC, automates and robotizes production, performs commissioning, maintenance and diagnostics.