Fibrous Refractories Company

Office 6, 2A, Leningradskaya ul., Togliatti 445010, Russia
+7 (8482) 37-93-99, 40-17-30, 40-19-45
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Fibrous Refractories Company is the developer of technologies and the producer of products, produced by non-fired technology in the form of wet thick felt, boards, cardboards, blocks and different shaped details. Maximum usage temperature is 1200°С and 1350 °С.
Fibrous Refractories Company has successfully run in a large-lot production of shell-type pieces of shrink heads' casts, as gas pressure wifh the exothermal composites heating, as heat-insulated, adiabatic composites. Serial producing of inserts according to the individual, technical customer`s data is possible.