Special technologies LLC

P.O. Box 44, Berezovsky, the Sverdlovsk region 623704, Russia
+7 (343) 385-87-87
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Special tehnologies LLC is a developer and manufacturer of innovative heat-insulating materials (Isollat), hardening diamond-like coatings (DLC), non-stick coatings CastCoat LF and METCAST series with our own patented technologies for lost-foam, cold and hot boxes, sandy-clay mixture.
CastCoat LF coatings are the result of many years of development by our research staff. Created 5 modifications for different metals.
METCAST release coatings are high performance, environmentally friendly products with a wide range of applications. Three modifications with unique properties have been developed.
All products are self-developed, produced from domestic raw materials in strict accordance with international quality standards (ISO 9001/ 14001/ 24024).