Profoundry LLC

Office A208, 11, Derbenevskaya nab., Moscow 115114, Russia
+7 (495) 785-51-99
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Main competences of Profoundry LLC:
- Technology selection and development;
- Development of technological layouts with location of equipment inside the existing building or in relation to the new building;
- Concept-projects and technical-economical calculations for new investment projects;
- Realization of «turn-key» projects;
- Proposals for projects financing;
- Organizing production of intellectual products with complete cycle of it's creation — EPCM projects — or just part of it;
- Design and production of patterns, core boxes and other toolings;
- Selection and delivery of technological materials;
- Delivery, assembly, start-up of the foundry equipment;
- After sales service and delivery of spare parts from our stock in Moscow;
- Technological assistance.